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We've been running the Retired Members Lunches [usually called the Old Lags] for over twenty years now, meeting about six times a year in the OHA Clubhouse at Croxdale Road in Borehamwood.  We originally conceived these events as equivalent to 'pub lunches for Old Haberdashers'. The only proviso being that instead of the local pub we only use our venerable clubhouse!  The age range we attract is wide but what we all have in common is our time at the school whether from its Westbere Road days or the present Elstree period.  

We regularly have fifty or more OH sitting down for a very decent lunch, together with a group of former members of the school staff, and they travel from far and wide to do so.   It's three courses plus coffee for £15 in an informal setting so who can resist?    Any OH who might have the time and opportunity to join us would be very welcome and almost bound to encounter someone they know or remember.  Don't hesitate to contact the organiser Roger Pidgeon on 01923 242226 or email 

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