Rifle Shooting

Target rifle shooting is a sport that rewards guile and experience and not just strength and enthusiasm. The OHRC reflects this with a membership that spreads across several generations. There is also a variety of abilities from Queen’s Prize contenders to once-a-year shooters.

The main activity of the Club is fullbore shooting at Bisley during the season from March to October. Four practice sessions are also open to guests. Experienced members provide wind-coaching and this is also permitted in competitions. OHRC enters the London & Middlesex Riffle Association League (two OHRC teams) and also other LMRA events.


A significant day is the Public Schools veterans match on the Thursday evening of the Imperial Meeting in July, usually followed by a pub meal. In recent years OHRC has entered up to 17 old boys and 3 teams. This event draws members who are not normally available to shoot with the OHRC either because they are at University or live at a distance (even overseas).

The OHRC also competes in the Old Boys -v- the School match in June on the smallbore range at Elstree.

Towards the end of the season in September there is a dinner, either a a pub or the LMRA Clubhouse. The final event match is the Hertfordshire Clubs Match, the main challenge of which is to be the team that comes second: the winners organise the next year’s match.

PRESIDENT: Dr Alan Morris,

3 Woodland Court,

Long Park,

Chesham Bois,



01494 722385


CAPTAIN: Charlie Freeman 



SECRETARY: Peter Winney

19a Kensington Gardens


Telephone: 01225 339417



TREASURER: Barry Cairns

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