Clubhouse Relocation

Ground and Clubhouse Relocation - Update 9th November 2015

The long running Ground and Clubhouse Relocation project has reached a key stage and the plan to move to a new ground at Home Farm, Cobden Hill, Radlett is now in the public domain following an exhibition at the Croxdale Road clubhouse on 3rd November 2015.

The proposed ground and clubhouse layouts plus a copy of the Exhibition leaflet for the proposed new site and 3d images of the proposed new clubhouse can be downloaded from the links below.

The project is at the pre-planning stage and we hope that the planning applications for both the redevelopment of the Croxdale Road site and the development at Home Farm will be submitted over the next few months.

If you have any queries please contact and I will try to get you an answer. 

Proposed New Ground and Clubhouse Leaflet -

Proposed New Clubhouse 3d Images -

Proposed New Clubhouse Layout -

Proposed New Ground Layout -

The Ground Relocation team comprising Harold Couch, David Brown, Ian Hall, David Heasman, Roger Lyle, Geoff Wheal, Alan Phipps, Rodney Jakeman, Colin Blessley and Martin Baker have worked hard for many years to get to this stage and should be thanked for all their efforts, Particular thanks should be given to Harold Couch who has led the team and to David Brown, Ian Hall and David Heasman who have the been responsible for the majority of the work over the last few years and who have been involved in detailed negotiations with the landowner, the developer and the local Council.

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